Sessional Papers of the Province of British Columbia

As part of the British Columbia Research Libraries Group (BCRLG), government publications librarians from the University of Northern British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and the Legislative Library of British Columbia proposed a project to digitize British Columbia government publications.

We have digitized the first 10 years of the papers (1867-1877) and are in the process of planning to digitize the next 15 years (1878-93). The British Columbia Sessional Papers are an annual collection of selected papers tabled in the Legislative Council of British Columbia (2nd to 8th Sessions, 1865-1871) and the Legislative Assembly (1st to 32nd Parliaments, 1872-1982). The BC Sessional Papers have an enormous amount of material for researchers and contain materials that document the political, historical, economic and cultural history of British Columbia. The Sessional Papers include official committee reports, orders of the day, petitions and papers presented, records of land sales, correspondence, budgetary estimates, proclamations, maps, voters lists by district, and departmental annual reports.


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British Columbia

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sessional papers



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British Columbia. Legislative Assembly


Images provided for research and reference use only. For permission to publish, copy or otherwise distribute these images please contact the Legislative Library of British Columbia.


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University of British Columbia

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Academic library

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University of Northern British Columbia

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In progress


British Columbia Research Libraries Group (BCRLG)

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