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Scrapbook Hansard is an historical collection of newspaper clippings and a few speech transcripts covering Alberta's legislative debates from 1906 to 1971.  Library staff began compiling articles as early as 1937 in order to retain a record of what transpired in the Assembly.  Coverage includes the Throne Speech and debate, budget speech and debate, discussion of various bills introduced and passed in the House, and reports on the legislative discussion regarding issues of the day.  This collection is a valuable resource for researching the early history of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta prior to the creation of Alberta Hansard, the official record of the debates of the Legislative Assembly, in 1972.


1st Legislature-16th Legislature

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Reconstituted debates, Legislative Assembly of Alberta, House proceedings, Hansard, Clippings

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Alberta-Politics and government, Legislative bodies-Alberta

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1906 to 1971



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Newspaper clippings




You may use this file for research or educational purposes free of charge and without further permission. Please credit the Alberta Legislature Library Scrapbook Hansard Collection. Republication or commercial use of the data is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the Alberta Legislative Assembly.


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